Ok, here's the deal

I have my exam in less then two days, and now I think my cat has gone tired of listening to me speaking English all day. Aaargh, I have zero motivation, and today I have been sooo tired thatmy total amount of studytime has reached about anhour anda half or something. That's not enough, if you didn't figurethat much.Obviously this exam is not going to gotoowell. I hope I don't fail. At leastI don't think I will get a very good markif I'm going tobe honest. Not if I don't get my act together and study hard for the next 34 hours.

But to look on the bright side, in 34 and a half hour I'm done. I have (hopefully) completed five years of education. That's kind of awesome, don't you think? I surely do. On Monday at 12.30 p.m I will officially be called a teacher, I hope. (OK,technicallyI'm a teachereven if I fail, but I will lose plenty of money if I don't pass this exam, that's for sure, so fingers crossed everyone).

Holy Crap, I think I'm going to die!!!

Peace out!


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