Ok, here's the deal

I have my exam in less then two days, and now I think my cat has gone tired of listening to me speaking English all day. Aaargh, I have zero motivation, and today I have been sooo tired that my total amount of studytime has reached about an hour and a half or something. That's not enough, if you didn't figure that much. Obviously this exam is not going to go too well. I hope I don't fail. At least I don't think I will get a very good mark if I'm going to be honest. Not if I don't get my act together and study hard for the next 34 hours.

But to look on the bright side, in 34 and a half hour I'm done. I have (hopefully) completed five years of education. That's kind  of awesome, don't you think? I surely do. On Monday at 12.30 p.m I will officially be called a teacher, I hope. (OK, technically I'm a teacher even if I fail, but I will lose plenty of money if I don't pass this exam, that's for sure, so fingers crossed everyone).

Holy Crap, I think I'm going to die!!!

Peace out!



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